Top 20 Places You Must Visit In Dumaguete

  • November 13, 2019
  • Michele Romarate
  • Category: News/Events

Known as the City of Gentle People, a University Town and a convenient gateway to various tourist attractions in Negros Oriental, it’s no wonder tourists are flocking in every year to stay in this picturesque destination. It may be unknown to most, but the city—in fact, the whole island—has so many potential hidden tourist spots. Here is the list of the must visit places in Dumaguete.

Silliman University
image by Oliver Bautista

Silliman University Campus

Silliman University is known as the biggest campus here in the city, and is one of the Top 8 universities in the Philippines that made into the Top 300 Universities in all of Asia. It was founded in 1901 by a missionary named Dr. David Sutherland Hibbard, and boasts of an Old American structure such as the anthropology museum that used to be the first classroom built. The university has its own church and chapels, as well as a farm and marine laboratory.

Rizal Boulevard at Dawn
image by J. P. Leo Castillo

Rizal Boulevard

Named after a famous Filipino icon and national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, the boulevard is a wonderful tourist attraction: the sea view is breath taking plus there are many tempura stalls nearby.

Trivia: tempura is one of the bestselling street food in the city!

Catherine of Alexandria Church

The oldest stone church in the Island of Negros. It was originally built in 1754 and was finished on 1776. The Cathedral stands near the bell tower, fronting the Quezon Park. This is one sight every tourist must visit.

Belfry Tower

The Belfry Tower or the Kampanarya has stood in the city for more than 200 years. It served as a watchtower during the World Wars and before that, it used to be rung to give out warning signals to the natives of Dumaguete during pirate raids. The tower has protected the towns people and the city from the pirates.

Pulang Bato Falls...
image by oscarmachaconjr

Pulang Bato Falls

Located in Ocoy Valley of the town of Valencia, the name comes from the stones in the area that are colored red. The falls are known to have calm, cool, and refreshing waters and cool whether due the hilly and mountainous compositions.

Japanese Shrine @ Night
image by Dominic Deloso

Japanese Shrine

One the attractions that has remnants from the war: the shrine is a symbol of amity for the Filipino-American and Japanese. it is built on a sacred battle ground where a massive battle happened during the World War II.

Dating. It's more fun in the Philippines
image by Julia Sumangil

Dolphin Watching in Tanon Strait

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Negros or rather in the region. It would be best to go during March to October were the Dolphins gather together. The two types of dolphins you will see here are Spinner and Bottlenose.

365.74/ Manjuyod White Sand Bar
image by Jeremy Villasis

White Sand bar of Manjuyod

The white sand bar is one the best beach destinations in the island. The best place to relax and get together with your family or friends over lunch while swimming in the clear blue sea and white sand. The white sand bar is often called as the Maldives of the Philippines.

image by Chew Esmero

Tabalong Mangrove Park & Bird Sanctuary

Another destination found in the island and the city of Bais. It is a 400-hectare mangrove forest that inhabits birds and other wildlife. Great for kids since it also provides educational knowledge and a lifetime experience.

Malatapay, Zamboangita, Negros Oriental, Philippines
image by Roy Ramos


Although this isn’t’ exactly a “wow, look at that view moment,” you’ll enjoy gazing at it while having sumptuous lunch at the market where you can buy freshly caught sea food and have the seller cook it for you.

Twin Lake Balinsasayao
image by Jrtok

Twin Lakes Balinsasayao

One of the most favored tourist spots. The most popular natural attraction there is that would take you to a place you never want to leave. A 45-minute drive from the city, two lakes (lake Danao and Balinsasayao) surrounded by rainforests, with 180 species of trees, 11 species of birds, 49 reptiles and amphibians and 27 mammals.

Casaroro Falls...
image by oscarmachaconjr

Casaroro Falls

This is challenge to anyone who wants to experience the rejuvenating waters of the Casaroro Falls. A 300-step walkway going down to the falls, and of course 300 steps up. It may be an exhausting trip but nature lovers would definitely enjoy the breathtaking view and cool waters.

Lake Balanan
image by Revey S. Nuico

Lake Balanan

An untouched beauty that has been conserved for decades. Lake Balanan can be found in between the mountains of Siaton. The best thing about this place is that you can rent a cottage so you could stay overnight, and there are also restaurants that serve delicious meals.

Apo Island
image by wingmarc

Apo Island

One of the top 100 diving spots in the world. Apo Island, although not found in the city of Dumaguete, is a part of the Island of Negros Oriental. You will see here a vast number of untouched coral reefs as well as 650 known species of fish—not to mention the pawikans or Sea Turtles.

Quezon Park

Dumaguete’s Quezon Park is one of the biggest parks in the city next to the Freedom Park. Here you can see the Belfry Tower, the Cathedral Church and of course the rest of the city. You can relax, and enjoy the view, you can even get a massage from blind therapists and taste the scrumptious street food.

P1480557 copy
image by danniepolley

Bell Church

The Chinese Bell Church of Dumaguete can be found along the sea cost, south of the Boulevard. It is open from 6 am to 6pm every day and just like in Chinese countries, some people come here to pray as it is also a traditional Taoist Temple.

Tierra Alta, Valencia, Dumaguete
image by eli borromeo

Tierra Alta

A restaurant on the mountain side of the City. Not only do they serve good food but they have the best overlooking view of the city. The restaurant Inn itself has a spectacular build, no wonder why intimate celebrations are held here.

Mt. Makawiwili Ridge
image by Ritch Asentista

Makawiwili Ridge

Also known as the “Saddle in the Sky”, the Mt. Makawiwili Ridge can be found 8000 feet high in between two mountain peaks. It has served as a platform for scientists to observe the movements of the active Canlaon Volcano. But tourists are also welcome here to observe and see the scenery.

image by seabastillas

Mt. Kanlaon

Caught in between the boundary of Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental, it is the highest peak in the Visayas Region and one the five highest throughout the Country. The volcano is the most active in the whole province and is constantly sending signals every now and then.

bulwang mabinay cave
image by Dumaguete Jobs

Bulwang Caves

Bulwang is best cave to be explores especially by rookies, or first timers since it is easy to get in and go through. Bulwang roughly translates to “Big Hole” meaning the cave entrance is big and easy to go through.

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