Agent’s Resources

To avoid confusion, as well as to standardize our marketing materials when posting online, we have created some graphics that will help you with your online marketing. Provided below are profile picture branding as well as cover photo image that you can use. This will help you represent the company as one of its agents in a more professional manner.

Facebook Profile Picture – Use the link provided below by clicking on the button to change your profile picture into a custom One-Stop Realty branded profile picture. Please see the guidelines at the end of this page with regards to profile pictures.

Facebook Cover Photo – use the suggested cover photo when you are creating your own facebook page or for use on your personal profile. Right click on the image below to save the cover photo to your pc/mobile device.

Company Logos – use our company logos if you need to create assets or facebook pages. Right click on the image below to save the logos to your pc/mobile device.

Social Media Guidelines

  1. Make sure that you are using your full name on the facebook account you are using when advertising for properties, communicating with clients, or generally when doing business using the company affiliation. Do not use aliases or nicknames when using your account for business.
  2. Your profile picture should have be either be shot on a photo studio or using a DSLR camera preferably with a white background.
  3. You should be dressed in formal attire or at least with a One-Stop Realty Polo shirt to maintain professionalism and to better represent the company.
  4. Use the recommended Cover Photo above on your facebook account.
  5. If you are using your main personal account for real estate also, then make sure that you maintain proper decorum when posting personal stuff. This means that you should refrain from posting racist, hate, nudity and violence on your timeline. What you post will not only reflect you, but also the company you represent.
  6. To keep your personal life away from your work, we suggest you create another account still with your correct full name and use that exclusively for real estate/work. Otherwise, you may opt to use your existing personal account for as long as you follow #5.
  7. When posting, please double check your information and make sure that they are accurate and informative.
  8. When dealing with client communications on messenger, be courteous, respectful and informative with your clients. Remember, you are also representing the company, so be as professional as you can.
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